Easter: The Rites Of Spring Keep Hope Alive


It’s a universal and ancient ritual, this celebration of Spring; the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Whether it's bunnies and eggs symbolizing the return of light and vitality after the desolation of winter, or the promise of eternal life witnessed by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, human beings have been celebrating springtime for centuries.

This April 5, it was an invitation from my neighbor, Diane: “Come to our Easter service! Our choir and the children's choir will be singing, and we’re going to have a brass ensemble.”


It had been over a decade since I stepped foot in the sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church of Covina. My daughter belonged to Kingdom Kidz Club back then. And, attending the Easter service really brought home the idea of the circle of life for me. I saw a younger version of myself: the young mother adoring her "Cherub" as the child sang a simple and simply-beautiful song. And the future was staring at me: the "traditional service" (as opposed to the more casual, "contemporary service" held earlier that morning) was filled with older members of the church. 


A musician friend once told me that church is the last bastion to hear quality music being played live. I became a believer as I listened to the Chancel Choir sing joyfully to the accompaniment of a majestic organ and the San Dimas Brass Ensemble. Next, a gentleman stepped up to the podium and started singing. The voice that emerged was youthful and smooth, reminiscent of a young Rudy Vallee. Later, a silver haired soprano sang a solo that was heavenly in its clearness and power. 

Following the service, I was rejuvenated. The sun was warm. The air was clear. It was a glorious Spring day. 

Happy Easter!


Donna is a principal at ConceptuaLine, and enjoys being a contributing writer to the ConceptuaLine blog.